SMTP Email Server

SMTP Email Server

Build affordable enterprise class email marketing server.


Feature Highlights

Get highly deliverable yet affordable email server

Maximum ROI

Because your end business is doing a great job, your email marketing campaign should also do lot more to get more success.

High Volume Sending

Get your email messagss delivered at lightning fast speed, try high-volume sending with us.

Message Reporting

Send email check its deliverability, get complete insight of every email which is passing through your email gateway. Check report of messaging being delivered, bounced (either soft or hard).

Sending Domain Management

Manage multiple sending domains or new sending email ids to send authorized emails completely validated with SPF, DKIM and DMARC compliances set by ESP like Gmail, Yahoo etc.

IP Pool Management

Order multiple IPs and manage them in pool to send different type of emails be it transactionals or promotions. Set IPs rule to guide email message across different IPs and email addresses.

Inbound Message Handling

Route incoming email messages to different application, email address or to a different sending system.

Track Open and Click

Along with tracking deliverability of email messages you can even track the open and click of the message. If enable the email messages which are getting submitted to email delivery system will be assigned tracker to track open and click details.

Multiple Sending Credentials

Our email system is completely secure and only authorize send can send email through designated email delivery system. You can manage the different sending credentials like SMTP usernames and passwords who can submit the bulk messages, apart from just SMTP you can also submit your via API.

Useful Web hooks

Web hooks are very important aspects of email delivery system it can interact with third party application and can submit useful data when a specific events occurred. For instance a web hook can trigger to pass information of a message being bounced or delivered etc.

Email Server Pricing

Once you place the order we process the same anywhere between 30mins to 2hrs.



Send Up to 50K emails per day

  • 2 Dedicated IPs
  • Two IP Pools
  • 60 Days Log Retention

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Send up to 10K emails per day

  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • Single IP Pool
  • 30 Days Log Retention

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Send up to 100K emails per day

  • 6 Dedicated IPs
  • Three IP Pool
  • 90 Days Log Retention

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Build Email Marketing Server

Get highly deliverable yet affordable email server.

Our Key Highlights of Services

Our Key Highlights of Services

  • Bounce Handling and Management
  • DNS Configuration and Management
  • Email Reputation Management
  • Email Marketing Application Deployment
  • Email Conversion Optimization
  • API and Other Services

Build Transactional Or Promotional Email Server

Build Transactional Or Promotional Email Server

  • Mail Transfer Agent Deployment/Configuration
  • SMTP Configuration and Management
  • Mail Policy Management
  • Email Abuse Handling
  • Bad Email Suppression

On-premise Email Server Setup

On-premise Email Server Setup

Building an email marketing server is very easy with us. We provide complete package to build and run a successful email marketing server.

On premise email marketing service include deploying require softwares, tools policy approval to send mass/bulk emails on client owned/hired servers (in house server) or on our own network infrastructure. The service includes both one time setup in a single machine or maintenance on monthly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered here some of the common query and doubt.

It's building an email marketing server on your in house or rented server.

On premise setup installation service is very useful when you wish to run an in house email marketing server, it helps you to securely manage data and reduce third party vendor cost.

It depends on your server resources.

We offer you quality email marketing server setup, the price does varry as per server specification i.e. no of domains or ips and volume etc. please fill up ‘request to proposal’ form for further information.

We have facility for both online and offline payment collection.

We accept payment both way; online and offline as well. You can make payment online via credit/debit cards, paypal, net banking etc. or can send us bank cheque.

Yes we do offer the same.

Yes, We do offer monthly maintenance service.