Get ready to use website not just theme

Get ready to use website not just theme

With years of experience and learning in E-commerce, we have built ready to go solution for E-commerce owner and aspirants.


E-commerce Solutions Features

We follow industry cutting edge solution for E-commerce development

Multiple Currency

Our e-commerce application supports multiple currencies so you can easily sell your products in your preferred currency.

Payment Gateway

We offer free integration to any one of the leading payment gateways in India and overseas. We also help you with easy onboarding for the best payment gateway offering in your business niche.

Logistics Integration

Shipment handling is one of the critical aspects of running a successful e-commerce store and we provide integrated logistics to your e-commerce store.

Unlimited Products

You can literally add unlimited products to your e-commerce store as long as your server resource allows. Check our pricing plan for allotted server space in each plan.

Customization Support

We offer a unique user experience to every e-commerce store that we build. We offer basic customization service for free of cost and for charge lowest possible rate for advance customization.

Premium Themes

We have great collections of Premium themes for an E-commerce store. Our customer can choose any e-commerce theme and we will build the store on top of it.

Free SSL

SSL is almost a mandatory thing in terms of SEO as well as giving customer confidence for secure checkout experience, build trust and increase credibility.

Highly Secure

We deploy your store on a highly secure 24/7 monitor cloud server. Each store is isolated from others for efficient utilization of server resources.

Ecommerce Store Pricing

for startup to ever growing e-commerce store



One E-commerce store
Up to 25k daily visits
Daily backup
Facebook shop integration
Premium CDN
Optimized Speed
Email Marketing for up 50k emails per month




One E-commerce store
Up to 10k daily visits
Daily backup
Facebook shop integration
Premium CDN support
Optimized speed




One E-commerce store
Up to 1k daily visits
Daily backup
free SSL


Frequently Asked Questions

Your most asked questions are answered here.

Yes, we do offer custom e-commerce plan as per your requirements please contact us.

We offer basic customization service at no additional cost and offer an advance level of customization for the lowest possible rate.

We offer 1-hour of free essential training to manage your store beside this we also offer 24/7 email service support.

Once you opted for any plan after making the payment. You need to provide us your desired e-commerce theme to let us start working on it. We also need basic content like your store logo and basic content i.e. product up to 10.

We are offering to manage e-commerce design, development and hosting service at a much affordable price.

To start e-commerce development we need a domain name.