Pay per click

Increase website traffic very quickly by paid search engine advertisement.

Pay Only for Actual Advertisement

Pay Only for Actual Advertisement

Quickest Way to Increase Traffic

Pay per click or search engine marketing is paid marketing channel to promote your web pages on search engine. Google the search engine giant offer pay per click platform under brand name Google adword which allows advertisers to promote their online businesses on its search engine platform as well as its affiliated publisher websites.

On google adword you select keywords and phrases relevant to your business and you place a bid for the same to promote your web page, every time viewer click on your Ad (which shows on selected keyword) google deducts bid (on keyword) amount from your adword account against the keyword.

Running and managing a Google adword account is a whole science and it require proper skill sets and competency to run a successful Google adword campaign. We at WebAnaya have team of experts for Google Adword who ease the job for you. Our team would manage all your google adword campaign and do variety of jobs for you to ensure your web page get most of it from Search engine marketing.

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