Result Oriented Email Marketing

Boost your sales with email marketing an affordable way of digital marketing.

Increase Your ROI by Email Marketing

Increase Your ROI by Email Marketing

Email marketing is a direct method of digital marketing. You got a list of subscribers for your website, you compose an email and send them to all of them all at once.

There are two kinds of email we can differentiate on nature of email marketing these two are transaction and promotional.

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Transactional Email

It includes sending email verification, register welcome email, login details or any email which is specifically unique to certain events for a specific subscriber or email recipient.

Promotional Email

Promotional email often categorized as commercial email used to send a common content for specifically larger amount of recipients or list of email subscribers all at once. It includes sending Product/Service email, ecommerce email, deals etc.

We at WebAnaya offer 360 degree solution when it comes to email marketing, based on our one decade old experience in Email Marketing we have developed variety of online email solutions to cater every aspects of Email Marketing these includes (a web based email marketing platform) and (a smtp based delivery system which can be connected from any email sending app which support outgoing email protocol i.e. SMTP).

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